CHENEY, Wash. -- A world record attempt is happening now at Eastern Washington University s campus.

David Reese wants to raise money for charity by running on a treadmill for 24 hours-- straight.

Don t call him nuts, call him determined.

I ve got everything down to a science, I hope, he says.

Supported by family and friends, he s attempting to run at least 161 miles. At 8:46 miles per minute in his first hours, he s well on his way.

This all started with the EWU pre-med student wanting to raise at least $500 for a charity called Partners in Health. The organization helps people living in rural populations get access to medical care.

He does not stop to eat or drink, but when nature calls, he reluctantly answers. Then, it s back to the grind.

Reese plans to stop running at 11 a.m. Saturday. So far, he says he s feeling great.

KREM 2 will check in with Reese again once he finishes.

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