New video shows accused serial killer Israel Keyes discussing his victims.

I would let them come to me... in a remote area..., he says. If you go to a remote area not anywhere you live but other people go to as well you might not get... no much to choose from a matter of speaking, but there's also no witnesses no one around.

Police say he is suspected of killing at least 8 people across the country over the past decade, including 18-year-old barista Samantha Koenig.

Authorities also released video footage of Koenig being abducted by Keyes. In the video, Koenig is seen putting her hands up several times before Keyes leads her out. Police say she was killed hours later. Her body was recovered from an ice-cover lake in April north of Anchorage.

The 34-year-old Keyes faced a March trial in the killing. He was found dead Sunday morning in his jail cell.

On Tuesday, the Southern Law Poverty Center suggested Keyes may have had white supremacist views and was a childhood friend of Cheyne and Chevie Kehoe, now serving life sentences for murder.

The FBI says Keyes admitted killing two people in Washington state in 20o5 or 2006 and another perhaps vacationing couple before that.

Keyes said he frequented parks, campgrounds, and trail heads to find his victims.

Those details bring to mind the unsolved murder of Mary Cooper and Susanna Stodden on the pinnacle lake trail in 2006.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office admits that Keyes has been on their radar, but at this point he is not tied to that case or any other unresolved murder.

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