Feel the chill in the air? The temperatures are starting to drop, but that doesn't mean your heating and energy bills have to rise.

According to Energy Trust of Oregon, there are five things you can do inside your home that can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

The first thing you should do is to make sure your home is well insulated and seal up any cracks, gaps, or air leaks. Energy Trust of Oregon says most homes waste up to 60 percent of the energy they use, due to air leaks and poor insulation.

Second, turn down the heat, and you don't have to turn it down that much. Bringing it down just one degree can save you five percent on energy costs.

Third, turn down your water heater. Every ten degrees you go down there can save you another five percent.

Also, check your lighting and replace those old bulbs.

If you replace the five most used light fixtures in your house with CFLs you can save about $72 a year in energy costs, said Lakin Garth with Energy Trust of Oregon.

And finally, unplug that old, extra refrigerator, the one you have in your garage or basement. Just doing that will help save you a couple hundred dollars a year.

Energy Trust of Oregon is offering free home energy reviews. Click here to sign up for one

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