BENEWAH COUNTY-- Following three jail breaks in just over one year, the Benewah Counties Sheriff's Office said they are trying to prevent another.

Benewah County Jail Officials said Tuesday that crews will patch vulnerable spots where inmates have tried to bust out.

The bathrooms of the cell block of the Benewah County Jail have been the location for 3 jail breaks in about 18 months.

Aging bricks have been covered with an eighth of an inch thick steel plate. The plates are anchored and glued to the walls that have been around since 1924

Jail officials said the plates have been added because it's the only place their camera's cant see.

Jesse Wilkenson broke out of the jail twice; the second time by chipping away at the aged brick mortar and using bed sheets to slide down three floors. Tyler Walton and Todd Miller are accused of doing the same thing. All of them were eventually caught.

Miller tried the same method again earlier this month before the plates were put in, but he couldn t get out of his cell.

There are no efforts right now to build a new jail.

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