SPOKANE VALLEY-- For the second time in a week, someone shot a cat in Spokane Valley.

Veterinarians put the first down after an apartment manager at Viewpoint Villa found it shot in the head last Friday. Homeowners off East Bradley Road found their wounded pet yesterday.

The cat was brought to Pet Savers in Chewelah for surgery.

Kellie Yates feels hurt after finding her cat Chloe dragging herself home. Her husband thought a car hit their cat. He took her to the vet and discovered she had been shot.

I can t imagine who would do such a horrible thing. To me, animals and children are the innocent. They don t deserve any kind of cruelty, Yates said.

The bullet entered above Chloe s left elbow and exited. It was just centimeters away from being a deadly shot. Veterinarians found bullet fragments in the leg, and amputation was the only option.

When he came in, he was obviously in pain. He was hissing and growling any time that leg would drag on the ground.

That s right-- he.

The bullet wound was just the first of two surprised that day. After years, veterinarians informed the couple Chloe was actually not the female cat they thought she was.

The doctors suspect the bull was small caliber. The Yates plan to turn over evidence to animal cruelty investigators.

As for Chloe, he is expected to recover.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Crime Check.

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