BONNERS FERRY, Idaho-- There are new developments in a plan to cut down a $14,000 tree house in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

In May, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers said it had to go because it threatened a water levee. It said remained open to proposals though, and now, the plans have changed. The deadline to move the house has been extended.

Tremain Albright owns the tree house on the Kootenai River. He says the extension was granted to allow him to move the tree house to some nearby poles.

It s a new plan that would get the house off the corp s radar because it would no longer be in a living tree. The tree where it currently sits would still have to go. Neighbors say they are willing to help move it, but city leaders still want it gone despite the compromise.

I feel like a ping pong ball. We have fought like crazy to keep this tree house. It turns around no matter what we do, he said.

The city reportedly wants the tree house gone because there are fears it could damage the water levee if it falls. Then Bonners Ferry would lose federal funding for future levee repairs.

The corp said the city s funding would not be affected while they work out a plan to move the house.

The city administrator and mayor were not available for comment.

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