SPOKANE A local production company will begin production soon on a film to be shot at two Spokane universities.

North by Northwest said crew members are excited to start shooting Admissions in the Lilac city. Most of the film takes place at Gonzaga University. Producers said they fell in love with the towers at St. Aloysius Church on campus. Crews will also film at Washington State University campus in Pullman.

The plot of the movie surrounds two parents who bring their children on a college admission tour and fall in love. Andy Garcia and Vera Formiga are set to star in the film.

The president of North by Northwest said it has been nearly 18 months since crews have been able to work. It will put about 50 people, who have been unemployed, back to work for the four week project.

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire recently re-signed movie competitiveness bill. It offers movie makers an incentive to make their films in Washington.

Producers plan to use a few hundred extras for the film.

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