Family Vacation Planning
Now that summer's here, many of us are looking forward to taking a family vacation. No matter where you're going these trips take planning. Linda Morgan, editor of Parentmap Magazine, and author of the book, Beyond Smart has some ideas on how to make traveling with kids fun and easy.

*Pack lots of toys and snacks
*Go over maps with your kids and let them figure out how long it ll take to get to each destination
*Let them help plan the trip
*Don t cram too much into one day.

And here's an idea to help you hold onto the memories from your trip:
*Ask your kids to keep a writing journal.
*Also, try a video-journal with your video camera and put it all together after your trip, along with photos and souvenirs.

Have a safe trip!

No Kids Allowed
Our viewers are sounding off about a controversy at a Pennsylvania restaurant.
Mcdain's, in Monroeville, is banning kids under the age of six from the restaurant. The owner says he has nothing against children. He just wants customers to enjoy their dinners in peace.
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Secondhand Smoke and Kids With ADHD
Could second hand smoke be linked to Attention-deficit disorders in children? For years, doctors have told us about the dangers of secondhand smoke. Previous studies have shown that exposing kids to secondhand smoke can cause respiratory diseases, SIDS, and higher rates of asthma. Now, two new studies are showing us how it can affect children's behavior. Harvard researchers found that children exposed to second hand smoke had a fifty percent greater chance of having one or more childhood psychological disorders, compared with kids who were not exposed to secondhand smoke. Those disorders included both Attention-deficit disorder and Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

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