GARDEN CITY, Idaho - The small kitten who wastortured with chemicals has died.

The kitten, named Raisin, died at about 6 p.m. Monday at the Northwest Animal Companions' Clinic.

Raisin was found by Danielle Stem on Thursday, being kicked around by teenage boys. Stem took Raisin to the vet, where she was found to have chemical burns in her eyes, mouth, and throat.

Troy Jackson, the Northwest Animal Companions Executive Director, said they aren't positive what kind of chemical was poured into Raisin's mouth and eyes, but it could have possibly been bleach.

Over the weekend, Raisin's prognosis was a little brighter. The kitten's foster family told the clinic she had began opening her eyes, and sitting up on her own. She was even eating food from a syringe.

Donations for her care had been pouring in, and a reward for the capture of her tormentors continued to grow. That reward is now up to $3,600.

If you have any information call 429-6600, extension 8.

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