PORTLAND, Ore. -- Kaine Horman and his estranged wife, Terri Moulton-Horman came to an agreement for Terri to move out of the former family home in northwestPortland by 3 p.m. Saturday.

Kaine believes his missing son, Kyron is still alive and wants him to have a safe home to return to. Kaine and his lawyer Laura Rackner and Terri's defense attorney Steven Houze made the agreementFriday, according to a source.

Kaine was told by police last month that Terri had tried to hire a man to kill him, according to a restraining order filed by Kaine.

Kaine's attorney said he wanted to be in the home by the weekend in order to re-key locks, find daycare for the couple's daughter and return to his job at Intel.

Houze said Terri has been the target of several threats.

Through her attorney, Terri has said that she would be willing to move out if Kaine would pay for the move. However, Kaine's attorney said he was not willing to give her any money until she cooperates with police, because Kaine believes Terri has information about Kyron's whereabouts after he disappeared from Skyline Elementary on June 4.

Terri's attorney Houze said the ability for her to move out was difficult due to the media witch hunt and news conferences held by the Hormans were fanning the flames. He argued his client should be granted until Monday afternoon.

Kaine also recently filed papers to have Terri held in contempt of court and accused her of violating a sealed restraining order. That court motion also detailed an alleged sexual affair with one of Kaine's high school classmates, and a reported attempt to abduct the couple's young daughter Kiara.

Kaine Horman's attorney Laura Rackner asked a judge to hold Terri Moulton Horman in contempt of court for showing a then-sealed restraining order to Michael Cook. On Tuesday, a judge set a hearing for July 22 over the restraining order.

Houze said Terri agreed to move out, give up rights to custody, but the hearing will address financial and other issues. A date of September 21 was set aside for the contempt of court hearing.

KGWReporterKyle Iboshi contributed to this report

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