PORTLAND, Ore. -- The attorney for Kaine Horman was pushing to force his estranged wife, Terri Moulton Horman to move out of their home as soon as possible.

Kaine believes his missing son, Kyron is still alive and wants him to have a safe home to return to.

Sources have told KGWthat a judge could order Terri to move out of the home in Northwest Portland as soon as Thursday. Initially, a hearing was set for July 22 on that matter, but sources told KGWthat date would likely be moved up to July 15 or 16.

Through her attorney, Terri has said that she would be willing to move out if Kaine would pay for the move. However, Kaine's attorney said he was not willing to give her any money until she cooperates with police, because Kaine believes Terri has information about Kyron's whereabouts.

Kaine also recently filed papers to have Terri held in contempt of court and accused her of violating a sealed restraining order. That court motion also detailed an alleged sexual affair with one of Kaine's high school classmates, and a reported attempt to abduct the couple's young daughter Kiara.

Kaine Horman's attorney Laura Rackner asked a judge to hold Terri Moulton Horman in contempt of court for showing a then-sealed restraining order to Michael Cook.

On Tuesday, a judge set a hearing for July 22 over the restraining order. Attorney Stephen Houze said Terri agreed to move out, give up rights to custody, but the hearing will address financial and other issues. A date of September 21 was set aside for the contempt of court hearing.

The filing alleges that Terri took the restraining order to Cook's home, where she showed him the document and allowed him to take cell phone photos of the document, which included Kaine's new address. He shared information from the restraining order with at least two other unidentified people, according to the court document.

The filing also stated that a police search of Cook's phone found that Cook had done a Google search to map Kaine's new address but that he told police he did not go to the residence.

On Wednesday,Rackner said that Kaine was doing well, considering the circumstances.

All he cares about is finding his son, finding out if he's alive out there ... and taking care of his daughter, Rackner said outside the court after the hearing.

Rackner said Terri wanted money from Kaine to help her move out.

Terri's attorney Stephen Houze declined to answer any questions aside from the dates of the hearing.

The motion also states police told Kaine that Terri exchanged hundred of text messages with Cook and several photographs of Terri Horman in various stages of undress and graphic sexual activity. According to the filing, the sexual nature of the relationship between Cook and Terri Horman began on or about June 30, four days after Kaine Horman moved out of the family's Northwest Portland home.

Cook was a high school classmate of Kaine Horman, and also helped organize the first vigil for missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman.

Similarities to Murder-for-Hire plot

Monday's court filing also stated that police had told Kaine that Terri's sexual overtures to Mr. Cook resemble those made to the man Respondent (TerriHorman) attempted to hire to murder Petitioner (Kaine).

In the original restraining order filing, Kaine stated that police had told him Terri had tried to hire a landscaper to kill Kaine.

Cook denies sexual relations

In an interview with KGW on Monday, Cook admitted that he had used his cell phone to photograph the sealed restraining order, and that he had engaged in sexting with Terri Horman.

Cook also admitted having inappropriate communication with Terri Horman but he denied having sexual relations with her. I never slept with her, Cook told KGW.

Cook did admit that he had Googled Kaine Horman's new address on his cell phone.

She wanted to find out where Kiara was, Cook told KGW.

I'm a pretty straight shooter, said Cook. I didn't have sex with her.

Gym worker: Terri tried to abduct Kiara

In addition, the court filing stated that a clerk at a gym frequented by the Hormans said Terri came there on about June 28, before the restraining order was in place, and tried to abduct Kiara Harmon, in the words of the gym worker. Terri reportedly asked specifically when Kaine was there working out and to let her know the next time he appeared. The clerk told the manager what happened and the manager then contacted police.

Terri Horman agrees to move out

Earlier Monday, Terri Horman agreed to voluntarily move out of the family's Northwest Portland home. Kaine Horman had filed an addendum to his restraining order to compel her to move out, and a hearing on that request had been scheduled for July 22.

Kyron disappeared on June 4 from Skyline Elementary Kyron's parents over the weekend put off all media contact for the week in anticipation of what they called heavy obligations by investigators on the case.

KGW's Kyle Iboshi and Colin Miner contributed to this report.

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