Bill Cosbywalked into our newsroomwearing dark sunglasses, a Seattle Sounders jacket and a big smile.He clutched a small cup of coffee from Uptown Espresso, having insisted that his handler take him to a local coffee shop.

Everyone gathered around him, while he joked and we giggled.My children recitedpunchlines from The Cosby Show, and he responded graciously, as if he hadn't already heard it a million times before, from some other kid in some other city. Even my bashful four-year-old was drawn to him, freely offering Cosby the hugs she won't even give to Grandma.

Hegives offthat familiar feeling, the kind you get when you've been away from someplace or someone special for a long time and finally you reunite.

Cosby's workspans generations of course, at least four in my family. Mygrandparents and parents, my kids and I have all watched him, from I Spy to Little Bill. He's 72 years old now. I don't know how he remembers all those stories from his childhood, the fodder for his comedy routines.So much has changed since he was a kid but there'sstill so much that hasn't. Simple things we shareacross the generations and acrossracial and cultural lines.It's the common experience of squabbling siblings,bad behavior, and first loves.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Bill Cosby.CLICK HERE to watchmy entire interview with him.

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