CASSIA COUNTY, Idaho -- A man in Cassia County is in jail, accused of murder.

Deputies say he shot and killed a 32-year-old woman at a Burley bar on Saturday.

Witnesses tell us she was his wife.

The day after Belinda Colunga witnessed a customer get shot in her bar, she still carries the shock.

She says the victim and the man who pulled the trigger were both regular customers.

It happened so fast, said Colunga.

Before 10pm Saturday night, Colunga says 40-year-old Manuel Arrellano came in for some drinks.

About half an hour later, Colunga says Arellano's wife showed up with another man.

She walked in. Somebody paid for her to come in. Some guy, he took her to dance, and then all of a sudden the husband took off toward her, said Colunga.

To me it sounded like a speaker had fell. I walking over there and then I seen her on the floor, said Colunga.

The victim, who police have not identified, had been shot once in her upper body.

She was still breathing. I was telling her sweetie, hang in there. Hang in there. You know, hang in there, said Colunga.

Meanwhile, Colunga says her security guard grabbed Manuel Arellano, then took away his gun.

I told him, Manuel. What are you doing? Stop it. Why did you do this? You affected us all. You affected us all, said Colunga.

Paramedics soon arrived and took the victim to a hospital where she later died.

And Cassia County deputies arrested Arellano for murder.

What he did he took her life, now he's in jail. They've got kids, said Colunga.

Both the victim and Arellano are from Paul, Idaho.

While witnesses tell us the two are married, police are releasing no further information at this time, and we have not able to confirm their relationship.

Arellano is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning for an arraignment.

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