BOISE It s Tax Day and thousands of Americans are upset about giving money to the government and how that money is spent.

Tea party protests are being held around the country today including a big one in Boise. Hundreds marched from Julia Davis Park to the steps of the Idaho Capitol.

Protesters are using this opportunity to vent their frustration with big government and taxes.

Participants at the Boise rally took on a number of issues, from health care to immigration, but for the most part they emphasized the need for limited government and voiced support for conservative causes.

Tea Party Boise organizer Russ Smerz says the movement aims to get Americans back to the basics.

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has been invited to by the Tea Party of Spokane to be a featured speaker at the group's one-year anniversary celebration today.

Meanwhile, tax procrastinators are headed to the post office and the offices of the Idaho State Tax Commission to get their tax returns filed on time.

There has been a steady stream of people pulling up to the Tax Commission offices at 800 E. Park Boulevardduring the noon hour and state officials say it will get a lot busier this afternoon.

Last year about 500 people used the curbside service. The curbside service will be offered until 4:30 p.m.

Tax Commission and IRS employees will accept both state and federal tax returns.

However, the IRS won't accept returns with payments. If you owe money on your federal taxes they will not take at that location. For federa tax payments you can go to 550 West Fort St. in Boise.

We are told 64 percent of returns will be filed electronically today.

And the Idaho State Tax Commission expects about 200,000 returns to be filed by today s deadline.

For those last minute filers, the Boise Mail Processing and Distribution Facility will be open until midnight.

They are located at 2201 South Cole Road in Boise.

You are encouraged to mail your tax returns early in the day.

Everyone going to the post office needs to make sure they have the correct postage.

Those wanting certification that their tax forms are received by the IRS, should mail them using Certified Mail Service/Return Receipt.

Most people wait until the last day - especially if they owe.

Here are some important reminders for last minute tax filers:

- Be sure and sign your return.

- Attach your W2.

- Make sure your social security number is correct.

- Check that your address is correct.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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