Video: Abandoned phone booths littering Seattle streets

From Wallingford to downtown Seattle to Laurelhurst, the abandoned pay phone booths are everywhere. They are littering our streets and are just one more place to put ugly graffiti.

"One day they took the phone and left. No one came back to say anything," said Rogelio Galicia.

That happened a couple of years ago according to Galicia who owns the Varsity Inn on 34th and Wallingford.

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The abandoned booth at least has another purpose - as a trash can.

He's just one of many viewers who want these ugly relics gone.

"I think it's an eyesore and disrespect to the community. And this is a big blight and no one is taking responsibility for it," said Theo Dzielak, a Greenwood bookstore owner who felt the same way.

Last week, we showed you an eyesore on in front of his shop. Turns out FSH Communications out of Chicago owned that one and many others in Seattle.

It took one phone call from us to get rid of the phone booth, and make Theo happy.

"It looks beautiful now," he said.

And now, after a few more calls, the blight in front of the Varsity is benched for good - and Rogelio couldn't be happier.

"Nice, good. It's going to be more open space in there," he said.

FSH promised us they'll take down any old booth that doesn't work. They claim they didn't even know the derelict phone booths were out there. They bought the payphone business from Qwest back in 2005 and tell us they thought the phone booths were gone.

They promised us they'll remove any non-working phone booth that's theirs.

So keep the e-mails and photos coming!

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