SEATTLE - A group of May Day protesters marched through Seattle's streets Tuesday, many dressed in black clothing and wearing masks and face makeup.

The Federal Courthouse, a Wells Fargo bank, Homestreet Band, American Apparel and Niketown were damaged and multiple cars were damaged. Video of protesters using sticks to smash windows was captured.

Police were seen on foot and on bicycles wearing riot gear, ushering protesters away from businesses. At least one officer was seen using a baton after a protester attempted to smash windows.

At least two people were arrested. A 19-year-old was arrested in the 400 block of Pike St. for carrying a fixed-blade knife and a 23-year-old was arrested in the 1300 block of 6th for vandalism.

Bus routes were disrupted and several businesses were sending employees home.

However, peaceful protests remained at Westlake Park, where speeches and concerts were continuing. A group called Hip Hop Occupy Seattle called for the crowd to protect each other.

In addition, a large number of students walked out of Seattle Central Community College, gathering for a march down Capitol Hill.

Seattle Police said people or businesses who had their property vandalized should call the SPD non-emergency line at 206 625-5011.

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Protesters were being flanked by Seattle Police officers on bicycles. The Seattle Police Department said they plan to put extra officers in place at demonstrations, both in uniform and undercover.

Earlier this week, anarchist signs and websites were found advocating Seattle's protesters to strike back or shut down the city.

Seattle May Day organizers said they have their own security forces. Both Occupy Seattle and El Comite will have a group of peacekeepers in the crowds working with police.

The Occupy Movement is also placing peacekeepers within their march from Seattle Central Community College to Westlake Park. They too said they ask troublemakers to stay away.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is scheduled to be at the El Comite demonstration at 6:30 p.m. He plans to tell them about his support of immigration reform.

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