SPOKANE, Wash. -- SCRAPS is investigating a possible case of animal abuse after a young dog was found with grusome injuries to his neck.

The 1-year-old Husky mix was found near Bridges Road in Deer Park Friday.

Vets say something had been wrapped around the dog s neck, like a collar or cable, and became embedded in his skin. They believe it was there for a very long time.

The animal protection operations manager at SCRAPS says she has never seen this kind of neglect before.

Typically a collar or chain is placed on a dog when they are a puppy and still growing, Manager Nicole Montano said. These collars aren t very apparent, especially if the dog is an outside dog and has minimal contact with people.

SCRAPS will continue to provide the dog medical care.

This could be a case of animal cruelty. It s a crime punishable with jail time and at least a $1,000 fine.

Anyone with information is asked to call SCRAPS at 477-2532.

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