McMINNVILLE, Ore. -- At least ten people thought they were putting money down on a new rental home in McMinnville, Ore. But police said just one man was pocketing their deposits instead.

On Tuesday, that suspected scam artist, Jerry Rosenstiel, was supposed to be in court for a release hearing. But at the last minute, there was a change to the court docket and that infuriated his alleged victims who had rearranged their schedule and waited to see Rosenstiel have his day in court.

KGW was inside the courtroom as the crowd of people stood up and filed into the Yamhill County District Attorney's office, asking questions.

I'm a little irritated. I think he needs to be back on the docket. We need to get this going, said alleged victim Laci Cannard.

Rosenstiel is accused of scamming Cannard, her husband Matt and, according to Yamhill County District Attorney Bradley Berry, many others.

Police said Rosenstiel stole tens of thousands of dollars from his victims. McMinnville police detectives said Rosenstiel did it by advertising a house was for rent on Craigslist, collecting the renter s money, but never handing over the keys.

Last week, when KGW reporter Mike Benner and his photographer went by the home where Rosenstiel and his family live to get their side of the story, his family sprayed them with water from a garden hose.

He just needs to be put behind bars and we need to figure out what's going on, said Laci Cannard.

Matt Cannard says he wants justice.

I mean, money? Absolutely, of course I would love my money back. But, more than that, I absolutely want that man to go to jail for as long as possible, said Matt Cannard.

Berry said Rosenstiel's defense attorney, Ted Coran asked for more time to prepare for the hearing. Coran had no comment Tuesday.

There was no word yet on when Rosenstiel would be in court next, but the alleged victims KGW talked with Tuesday said they will be there.

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