PORTLAND -- The Portland International Airport measured 3.8 inches of snow on the ground from Thursday's storm, which was the most for any February since nearly 7 inches fell over the entire month back in 1993.

In fact, Thursday's snowfall becomes the first time February has picked up any measurable snowfall since 1995.

If Portland's snow depth reaches more than 8.3 inches this weekend, this month would become the snowiest February since 1949 when 13 inches fell. Portland's all-time record for February snowfall is 20 inches back in 1893.

The Arctic air has set 3 temperature records so far.

The high of 29 degrees Wednesday and the high of 23 degrees Thursday were the coldest high temps on record for each date. Also, the low temperature this morning of 20 degrees or colder sets a new record low for the date. It is likely that this afternoon's high temperature will set a fourth record for cold air.

The all-time record low temperature for February is -3 back in 1950. The all-time coldest high temp for the month is 15 degrees back in 1989.

Keep an eye on the forecast as more snow accumulates through tonight. A sleet mix may develop Saturday and icy weather still looks possible Sunday before all warms and changes to rain.

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