Seahawks Too Offensively Lame For Playoffs?


by Sportspress Northwest Staff


Posted on October 14, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Since the NFC West plays teams from the AFC East only once every four years, and since New England quarterback Tom Brady is 35 years old, Brady likely will make the only start of his career in Seattle Sunday against the Seahawks. Most predictors are laying odds that Brady will return to New England a happy man.

Sports Illustrated's prolific Peter King is not among them. In his Week 6 picks, King opines that Brady's Seattle visit will end in disappointment, and the reason is Bruce Irvin, Seattle's first-round draft pick.

"This is going to be a speed game, with the Patriots continuing to race to lead the league in offensive plays, and Irvin, the fastest speed-rusher in football, will have the advantage of playing in the cacophonous CenturyLink Field," wrote King.

"The last time the Seahawks played at home, the Green Bay line couldn't handle the speed of the Seattle defense and the noise, and eight first-half sacks resulted. Not saying it'll be the same here, but the Patriots will struggle blocking the speed demons, led by Irvin, rushing for Seattle."

King predicts a final score of Seattle 27, New England 24. Question is, where are the Seahawks going to find 27 points?

The New England matchup is statistically odd for two reasons. First, it will match the NFL's No. 1 offense (Patriots) against the league's No. 1 defense (Seahawks). Such a pairing hasn't occurred since the 2007 season when the Patriots (offense) and Steelers (defense) met in Week 14.

Second, in the Seahawks, the Patriots will face a team that has scored fewer points over the first five games of a season than any edition of the Seahawks since CenturyLink Field opened (2002), and also a team that has allowed the fewest.

Not only are following the lowest-scoring Seattle teams through five games in the Clink era, but in franchise history. Ugly stat: the 1992 Seahawks, who went 2-14 and scored just 140 points, had 93 points through its first five games.

2012Pete CarrollRussell Wilson863-2TBD
2007Mike HolmgrenM. Hasselbeck873-210-6-0
2004Mike HolmgrenM. Hasselbeck943-29-7-0
2011Pete CarrollTarvaris Jackson942-37-9-0
2010Pete CarrollM. Hasselbeck983-27-9-0
2008Mike HolmgrenM. Hasselbeck1001-44-12-0
2002Mike HolmgrenM. Hasselbeck1051-47-9-0
2006Mike HolmgrenM. Hasselbeck1084-19-7-0
2009Jim MoraM. Hasselbeck1152-35-11-0
2003Mike HolmgrenM. Hasselbeck1224-110-6-0
2005Mike HolmgrenM. Hasselbeck1263-213-3-0
The following allowed the fewest points through the first five games since 2001. Seattle's defensive unit has actually allowed 54 points (overall, the Seahawks have allowed 86 points):

YearCoachDef. Coord.PointsRecordFinish
2012Pete CarrollGus Bradley703-2TBD
2007Mike HolmgrenJohn Marshall743-210-6-0
2004Mike HolmgrenRay Rhodes763-29-7-0
2009Jim MoraGus Bradley822-35-11-0
2003Mike HolmgrenRay Rhodes874-110-6-0
2010Pete CarrollGus Bradley972-37-9-0
2005Mike HolmgrenJohn Marshall1073-213-3-0
2006Mike HolmgrenJohn Marshall1114-19-7-0
2002Mike HolmgrenSteve Sidwell1151-47-9-0
2011Pete CarrollGus Bradley1222-37-9-0
2008Mike HolmgrenJohn Marshall1511-44-12-0
The two lowest-scoring Seattle teams (2007, 2004) through five games before the 2012 club both made the playoffs, although only the 2007 team reached the divisional playoffs (lost at Green Bay 42-20). Those clubs also had the two stingiest defenses before this year's team.

All three of these teams -- 2012, 2007 and 2004 -- were also 3-2 after five games. The major difference between this year and 2007 and 2004 is that the NFC West has become one of the strongest divisions in the NFL. But the 2012 Seahawks are already 0-2 against division opponents. So, with that in mind . . .

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