What the media are saying about the Seahawks

What the media are saying about the Seahawks

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Cornerback Richard Sherman #25 of the Seattle Seahawks tackles wide receiver Demaryius Thomas #88 of the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field on August 17, 2013 in Seattle, Washington.


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Posted on January 29, 2014 at 12:15 PM

Here's what media outlets across the nation are saying about the Seahawks and their journey to the Super Bowl.

Carroll's vision in '12 preseason put Wilson at QB, helped Seattle to SB | CBSSports.com

"The easiest thing for Pete Carroll to do in August 2012 would've been to miss the unconventionally obvious -- that the little rookie was the best quarterback on the field -- and to give the job to the top-dollar free agent, Flynn, signed to be the quarterback. Carroll doesn't do the conventional, though. His way works because it's his way and he believes in it and transfers that belief to everyone around him, and he believed in Russell Wilson before hindsight made that easy."

Why should Marshawn Lynch talk? | ESPN

"Lynch didn't want to participate in the NFL's annual orgy known as Super Bowl media day. So what? That he participated for 6½ minutes, instead of the required hour, isn't a big deal. Lynch didn't disrespect his fans. He didn't steal the spotlight from his teammates. He didn't prevent the media from doing their jobs. ... Sherman reminded us that words matter. They matter to Lynch, too. He just doesn't want to share them."

Seattle Seahawks: The Key to Winning the Super Bowl Could Be...Byron Maxwell? | Bleacher Report

"Maxwell, who's started the past seven games for the Seahawks following the suspension of Brandon Browner, has quietly developed into a rock-solid corner in the NFL's most dynamic secondary. ... If Maxwell continues his strong play in Super Bowl XLVIII, he could go from being a fill-in who was the 173rd pick of the 2011 NFL Draft to being an integral part of a world championship-winning team."

Defensive-minded Fox, Carroll are two masters at art of coaching | CBSSports.com

"This Super Bowl has two great head coaches who epitomize coaching as an art form. ... Carroll and Fox both have a great ability to create a healthy environment for the players and coaches, especially in this super bowl setting in New York/New Jersey. ... It comes very natural for both men to talk with young players in a way that young people can relate to but by no means are they push-overs when it comes to making a tough decision about a player."

Sherman hunting for greatness and attention -- and that's fine | Sports Illustrated

"His self-promotion is a conscious choice, and it really isn't even that unusual. For many in Sherman's generation, wealth and fame are not just perks of being a star athlete. They are also part of the athlete's identity. ... He turns criticism into fuel, and hunts both greatness and attention at the same time. This is Sherman. He was the ideal character for Media Day. He may also be the most important player in the actual game."

Seattle Seahawks' defensive legacy depends on NFL-wide impact | NFL.com

"Seattle has taken some chances schematically and personnel-wise, yet the Seahawks still managed to finish with the top defense in the league. It's one thing to mix up personnel, make bold draft decisions, take other teams' castoffs and play viably; it's a whole other deal to do all that and finish No. 1. ... So what is the Seattle formula? Simply put, it is to jam today's large receivers with just-as-large defenders, play sub packages in passing situations to get fresh legs after the quarterback, and have linebackers who are not just one-trick ponies, but who can rush and/or cover well."

Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson as similar as they are different | NFL.com

 "There is no starker way to view Super Bowl XLVIII than through the prism of the starting quarterbacks' career arcs, Peyton Manning's bending toward the light he says he sees at the end of the tunnel, Russell Wilson's still so close to the start that the dirt is being dusted off his decision to forsake baseball for football. This game will be a clash of cultures, with the Broncos relying on a historically explosive passing offense and the Seahawks propelled by a throwback stew of running and defense. But it is also about quarterbacks who have arrived at their shared moment through paths and forms so dissimilar they have barely converged, quarterbacks who are strikingly different in style but not in substance."

J.R. Sweezy Has Provided Spark for Seahawks Running Game in Playoffs | Bleacher Report

"The game tape suggests that a good portion of the newfound improvement has come from one of the most unlikely of sources. Right guard J.R. Sweezy has picked a very opportune time to elevate his game. Over the past few games, his play has gone from being a major liability to being a strength on Seattle's offensive line."

Peyton downplays idea that he’ll stay away from Sherman | NBC Sports

"Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn’t exactly in the business of giving away his game plan before the game. One thing Manning will say, however, is that he doesn’t believe in the idea that he needs to stay away from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman."