'The thing about New York is we're loud and we don't care'




Posted on January 27, 2014 at 6:39 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 28 at 1:39 PM

When you're new to town you need a tour guide. Meet Glenn Testa Sr. and his son Glenn Testa Jr.

"Hey man, the thing about New York is we're loud and we don't care,” says Junior.

And things are about to get louder, thanks to the Super Bowl.

Glenn Sr will be back Wednesday to ride the toboggan down Broadway as part of the Super Bowl Boulevard.

Thirteen blocks in mid-town Manhattan will be shut down to traffic to make way for live music and football-related activities - all free for all fans.

The 12th Man will make their presence known later in the week but Seattle-resident Akhil Shah is thrilled to be here on business this week.

"The energy, the people, the ambiance, the people, New York loves us, we love New York,” he said.

While some New Yorkers are preparing for traffic and crowd-related messes, the Testas say fughedaboutit.

"Come down, spend money, have a good time, enjoy the game. Don't be scared of the weather, enjoy the game. We lived through 9/11 we can live through this,” said Testa Sr.