Signing Day 2017: Who went where?






High school senior student athletes who have committed to continue their athletic careers signed their national letter of intent around the country today. 



Below is a compilation of commitments from around Washington. Commitments with graduating years after 2017 are verbal commitments and they will not sign an NLI this school year.  



Wesco 4A


Glacier Peak
Malakai Fifita, 2017.  Football, Air Force

Paisley Johnson, 2017.  Women’s Basketball, Brigham Young University.

Lauren Sanders, 2017. Volleyball, University of Washington.

Samantha Fatkin, 2017. Women’s Basketball, University of Arizona.
Kayla Watkins, 2017.  Women's Basketball, Weber State

Maya Watkins, 2017. Beach Volleyball, Boise State University.

Ryan Ober, 2017. Baseball, Oregon State University.



Taylor Adams, 2017. Softball, San Diego State

Jacob Bogacz, 2017. Baseball, Northern Colorado

Chandler Woolley, 2017.  Football, Central Washington

Madison Presler, 2017. Women’s Swimming, Colorado Mesa University

Markus Sullivan, 2017.  Football, Portland State

Lake Stevens

Hunter Eckstrom, 2017.  Football, Central Washington



Jadynn Alexander, 2017. Women’s Basketball, University of Hawaii

Morgan Allen, 2017. Softball, University of Washington

Justin Folz, 2017. Baseball, Northwest Nazarene University

McKenzie Schulz, 2018. Softball, University of Washington

Mason Miksch, 2017.  Football,  Whitworth



Wesco 3A

Ali Gaye, 2017.  Football, Washington.
Kelly Gootee, 2017. Volleyball, Concordia University Chicago

Nick Hull, 2017.  Baseball, Grand Canyon University
Jin Lee, 2017. Men's Wrestling, Johns Hopkins University

Kia Mackey, 2017. Women's Soccer, Occidental College

Brandon Mitchell, 2017.Baseball, Claremont McKenna

Missy Peterson, 2017.  Women's Basketball, Long Beach State

Winterhawk Leighton, 2017.  Football, Central Washington University



Kaprice Boston, 2017. Women’s Basketball, Northern Arizona University

Nikki Leishman, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Pacific University

Kyler McMahan, 2017. Baseball, Oregon State University

Maddie Morgan, 2017. Softball, University of Alabama 

Kelsey Rogers, 2017. Women’s Basketball, Western Washington University

Malia Pivec, 2017. Women's Cross Country/Track and Field, Boise State University



Windy "Bubba" Isaia, 2017.  Football, Central Washington


Emma Helm, 2017.  Softball, University of Washington

Hannah Taylor 2017.  Soccer, University of Oregon
Drew Tingstad, 2017.  Football, Humboldt State


Oak Harbor

Caylie Etherington, 2018. Women’s Soccer, Western Washington University
Princeton Lollar, 2017.  Football, Northern Arizona
Samuel Zook, 2017.  Football, Central Washington

Taryn Shelly, 2017.  Women's Basketball, Washington State


Anna Montemor, 2017.  Women's Soccer, Vanguard University
Quinn Ottenson, 2017.  Women's Soccer, Central Washington

Ben Peterson, 2017.  Football, Air Force



KingCo 4A


Taya Corosdale, 2017.  Women's Basketball, Oregon State.
Jesse Sims, 2017.  Football, Montana Tech



Brooke Chandler, 2017. Women’s Soccer, University of Oregon. 

Tatum Thornton, 2017. Women’s soccer, University of Utah. 

Maddie Robinson, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Gonzaga University. 


Mount Si

Jack Weidenbach, 2017.  Football, Central Washington



Kenny Lafeyette, 2017.  Football, Montana Tech



Henry Bainivalu, 2017. Football, University of Washington

Caroline Bowman, 2017. Softball, San Jose State University 

Alex Diegel, 2017.  Football, Central Washington University 
Bradley Kim, 2017. Football, Air Force Academy 

Alexa Kirton, 2017. Women's Soccer, University of New Mexico

Lauren Lo, 2017. Softball, Western Washington University

Molly Monroe, 2017. Women's Soccer, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Molly Spaniac, 2017.Women's Soccer, Claremont University

Cameron Tingey, 2017. Women's Soccer, University of Utah

Mack Minnehan, 2017.  Football, Colorado School of Mines



KingCo 2A/3A


Sophia Butterfield, 2017. Women's soccer, Western Washington University
Joanna Harber, 2017. Women's soccer, Stanford University 
Ellie Bryant, 2017. Women's soccer, University of Pennsylvania
Justin Angelel, 2017. Men's Lacrosse, Lehigh University 
Augie Fratt 2017. Men's Lacrosse, Naval Academy
Colin Suter, 2017. Baseball, Gonzaga University
Jack Enger, 2017. Baseball, University of Washington
Kate Parrish, 2017. Women's Basketball, Claremont McKenna College 
Ann-Marie Jacobs, 2017. Women's Basketball, Lehigh University




Salvon Ahmed, 2017. Football, University of Washington.

Tea Adams, 2017. Women's Basketball, San Diego State University.

Tatum Kawabata, 2017. Softball, Wellesley College.
Dean Sise, 2017.  Football, Navy


Lake Washington 

Tori Bivens, 2017. Softball, Boise State University.

Sean Gordon, 2017.  Football, Central Washington.



Ethan Diaz, 2017. Men’s Soccer, Western Washington University.


Mercer Island

Alle Dunbar, 2017. Women’s Lacrosse, University of Oregon.

Anna Luce, 2017. Women’s Basketball, Dartmouth College.
Jack Smith, 2017.  Baseball, Washington State.



Metro 3A

Bishop Blanchet

Jadyn Bush, 2017. Women’s Basketball, Harvard University.

Tommy Vail, 2017. Baseball, University of Notre Dame.


Eastside Catholic

Hunter Bryant, 2017. Football, University of Washington
Tyler Folkes, 2017.  Football, Montana Tech

Brody McKnight, 2017.  Football, Montana State


Daejon Davis, 2017.  Men's Basketball, University of Washington.
Jaylen Nowell, 2017. Men’s Basketball, University of Washington.

Holy Names

Erin Ripple, 2017. Cross Country & Track, University of Washington.

Jordan Oakes, 2017. Cross Country & Track, Stanford University.

Grace Herbert, 2017. Women’s Crew/Rowing, University of Louisville

Taylor Richardson, 2017. Women’s Crew/Rowing, University of Southern California

Devyn Pong, 2017. Women’s Crew/Rowing, University of Southern California

Juliet Perry, 2017. Women’s Crew/Rowing, Washington State University

Grace Cotter, 2017. Women’s Crew/Rowing, Stanford University

Gabija Liffick, 2017. Women’s Swimming, College of Wooster.


Zander Bailey, 2017.  Football, Middlebury

Bennett Dondoyano, 2017.  Football, San Diego

Nathan Hale
Michael Porter Jr, 2017.  Men's Basketball, University of Washington.


Shea Carstens, 2017.  Football, Simon Fraser.
Doug Russell, 2017.  Football, Hawaii

Quinton Lewis, 2017.  Football, Central Washington.

Spencer McCabe, 2017.  Football, Simon Fraser.

Samuel Sanchez, 2017.  Football, Central Washington.


Seattle Prep

Jacob Terao, 2017. Baseball, University of Portland.

Jesse Franklin, 2017. Baseball, University of Michigan. 

Chinwe Ezeonu, 2017. Women’s Basketball, San Jose State University.

Aaron Nettles, 2017. Men’s Basketball, Seattle University.

Collin Welp, 2017. Men’s Basketball, University of California Irvine.

Cameron Smith, 2017. Women's Swimming, Arizona State University. 

Sophie Hirst, 2018. Women’s Soccer, Boston College 

Helena Reischling, 2019. Women’s Soccer, University of Washington. 


West Seattle

Nate Pryor, 2017.  Men's Basketball, Seattle University.



Bellarmine Prep
Joey Bodoia, 2017.  Basketball, Claremont McKenna

Sean Carlin, 2017.  Soccer, University of Dallas
Clair Hill, 2017.  Women's Golf, Oklahoma City University

Serena Lee, 2017.  Women's Golf, Amherst

RJ Manke, 2017.  Men's Golf, Pepperdine
Claire McCarthy, 2017.  Volleyball, Whitman
Riley Medley, 2017.  Women's Soccer, Lake Forest College
Christian Moore,, 2017.  Football, Central Washington

Kyle O'Brien, 2017.  Lacrosse, Colorado Mesa

McKenzie Schwan, 2017.  Volleyball, Portland

Emerald Ridge

Andrew Boston, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington

Foster Sarrell, 2017.  Football, Stanford.
Matt Shook, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington.



Amir Matheney, 2017. Football, Eastern Washington University. 

Riley Killip, 2017. Men’s Golf, Sonoma State University.

Jenna Killman, 2017. Women’s Soccer, University of New Mexico.

Michael Newstrom, 2017.  Baseball, Washington State.

Brayan Torres, 2017, Semi-Pro Soccer, Spain

Tayler Dawes, 2017.  Softball, Seattle University
Kolby Force, 2017.  Baseball, Concordia University
Malaina Thacker, 2017.  Track/Cross Country, Idaho
Jessi Westering, 2017.  Women's Basketball, Pepperdine


Seth Carnahan, 2017.  Football, Idaho
Tyson Rainwater, 2017.  Football, Central Washington
Chase Skuza, 2017.  Football, Central Washington

Connor Wedington, 2017. Football, Stanford


Franklin Pierce
Willie Patterson, 2017.  Football, Montana State

Tristan Smith, 2017.  Football, Central Washington

Scottland Vise, 2017.  Football, Central Washington


Janae Alcantara Vieira, 2017. Women's Soccer, University of Puget Sound.


River Ridge

Kelle Sanders, 2017. Football, Washington State University. 

Trey Dorfner, 2017. Football, University of Wyoming.



Marques Hampton Jr, 2017. Football, Eastern Washington.
Anthony Leiato, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington.


White River

Kendall Bird, 2017. Women’s Basketball, University of San Diego. 

Erin Redford, 2017. Women’s Wrestling, Oklahoma City University.




Auburn Mountainview
Erik DeAnda, 2017.  Men's Soccer, Saint Martin's
Michael Kramer, 2017.  Football, Western State Colorado
Kenny Lafayette, 2017.  Football, Montana Tech
Kiley Lewis, 2017.  Volleyball, Boise State.
Casey Davenport, 2017.  Volleyball, Alaska Anchorage.


Federal Way

KJ Ridders, 2017.  Football, Upper Iowa.



Joe Tryon, 2017. Football, Washington.

Kennedy Catholic
Trevor Hoffman, 2017.  Football, Montana Tech
Jared Thurber, 2017.  Football, Montana

Ashley Hendrickson, 2017.  Softball, Highline College



Loryn Timian, 2017. Volleyball, California Baptist University.

Emily Gooding, 2017. Volleyball, Saint Martin's University. 

Olivia Van derJagt, 2017. Women’s Soccer, University of Washington.

Sophia Chiczuk, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Seattle Pacific University.

Madison Ibale, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Seattle Pacific University.

Jazel Dennison, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Boise State University.

Emily Sugimoto, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Pacific Lutheran University.

Grace Klinkenberg, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Eastern Washington University.

Samea Aljundi, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Montana State University.



Haylee Kent, 2019. Volleyball, University of Portland.

Mount Rainier
JJ Young, 2017.  Football, Western Oregon.


Taylor Anderson - 2017, Softball, N. Idaho College

Brandon Lewis, 2017. Baseball, Lower Columbia CC.

Jaylyn Jenkins, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Central Washington University.

Zoe Milburn, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Western Washington University.

Brianna Aldridge, 2017. Women’s Soccer, Gonzaga University.

Grace Wooten, 2018. Women’s Soccer, Concordia University.

Kaelan Shamseldin, 2017. Women’s Basketball, Whitman College.

Josh Smith, 2017.  Football, Central Washington

Thomas Jefferson
Mason De La Cruz, 2017.  Baseball, Washington State.

Sonny Fuavai, 2017.  Football, Central Washington.

Todd Beamer
Lincoln Liulama-Mitchell, 2017.  Football, Central Washington.

Mallorie Post, 2017. Volleyball, Colorado State University Pueblo.




Savon Bell-Johnson, 2017.  Football, Western Oregon
Joehnis Joyce, 2017.  Football, Western Oregon
Byron Willis, 2017.  Football, College of the Siskiyous

Annalisa Klein, 2017.  Women's Soccer, George Fox

Bonney Lake
Caleb Davis, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington
Jamie Flynn, 2017.  Women's Soccer, Nevada
Jasmine Smith, 2017.  Women's Soccer, Nevada
Eleseana Quintanar, 2017.  Softball, Highline CC

Xavier Banner, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington
Kameron Carey, 2017.  Men's Soccer, UC-Davis
Daeon Hudson, 2017.  Football, Central Washington
Cale Lindsay, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington
Dedrian Milligan, 2017.  Football, Mt. San Antonio College
Melvin Miller, 2017.  Football, Central Washington
Tracey Reynolds, 2017.  Football, Idaho State


Patrick Rogers, 2017.  Football, Central Washington.
Quazzel White, 2017.  Football, TCU

Mount Tahoma
Ira Branch, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington

John Blasco Jr, 2017,  Football, Colorado State
Jamon Chambers, 2017.  Football, Central Washington.



Gig Harbor
Avery Jones, 2017.  Baseball, Washington State.
Chad Stevens, 2017.  Baseball, University of Portland

Patrick Fredrickson, 2017. Baseball, University of Minnesota.

Blake Cantu, 2017.  Football, Central Washington
Cody Kanouse, 2017.  Football, Air Force



Julianna Salanoa, 2017. Volleyball, New Mexico State University.

Brooklyn Taylor-Sparks, 2017. Softball, California State Stanislaus University.



Ally Choate, 2017.  Softball, Seattle University.



Evergreen 2A

Cade Otton, 2017.  Football, Washington

WF West

Lexie Strasser, 2017. Softball, Central Washington University.



Olympic 2A

Port Angeles

Lauren Lunt, 2017. Softball, University of Mary.


Cascade 2A

Archbishop Murphy
Talia Daigle, 2017.  Women's Soccer, Western Washington
Anfernee Gurley, 2017.  Football, Eastern Washington
Aleks Hansen, 2017.  Baseball, Wenatchee Valley
Ryan Henderson, 2017,  Football, Washington State
Mitchell Lovell, 2017.  Men's Soccer, Whitworth
Abraham Lucas, 2017.  Football, Washington State
Mason Milkey, 2017.  Baseball, Whitman College
Connor O'Brien, 2017.  Baseball, Seattle University
Collin Montez, 2017.  Baseball, Washington State
Dirk Wilson, 2017.  Baseball, Wenatchee Valley
Jackson Yost, 2017.  Football, Dartmouth


Cascade 1A

Casey Kispert, 2017.  Volleyball, Seattle Pacific
Corey Kispert, 2017.  Men's Basketball, Gonzaga University.
Caleb Perry, 2017.  Football, Washington State.


Cedar Park Christian - Bothell

Michael Attalah, 2017. Baseball, Oregon State University.

Nisqually 1A


Cascade Christian
Ashlyn Hannus, 2017.  Women's Soccer, Johnson & Wales

Kierstin Patefield, 2017.  women's Soccer, Northwest University

Charles Wright Academy
Nick Iregui, 2017.  Men's Soccer, Westminster College



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