SoDo crash victims describe their horror



Posted on November 3, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 3 at 11:07 PM


SEATTLE - An alleged drunk driver plowed into seven people after a concert in Seattle's SoDo neighborhood last week. Three of them are still in the hospital and have a long road of recovery ahead. 

"It came out of nowhere," says Tim Syverson. "It was such a shock, I thought this might be it."

Leaving the Showbox Thursday evening, Syverson remembers crossing the street with his girlfriend, Joanne Wegener. In a horrible moment, they were all on the ground injured.

"I had no idea where she was. I was calling for her and trying to figure out where she was," says Syverson. 

Wegener's pelvis was shattered. It could be months before she walks again.

"Just to walk in and to see the tube down her throat. Just hooked up to all these machines. Nothing you want to see your mom look like," says her daughter, Alexa Wegener. 

David Tse was also crossing the street that night. 

"I heard was screeching tires and the next thing I know I'm knocked flying through the air," says Tse. 

Tse remembers a pickup truck slamming into all of them. They would all find out later the driver's blood alcohol level was allegedly almost four times the legal limit, according to prosecutors. 

"Bounced off a park car then I got back up," says Tse. "Then i realized my friends weren't getting up."

His friends, Jane Cho and Judy Ha, were critically injured. Ha broke both femurs. Cho had part of her skull removed, a fractured spine, and pelvis.

"Reading about it. [I felt] anger. None of them deserved this," says Julia Cho, Jane's sister. 

The victims all shared the intensive care unit on the 9th Floor at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Now their friends and family members are all joined by tragedy and determination to see their loved ones recover and the driver prosecuted.

"It was senseless it was out of nowhere it was unexpected. We just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," says Syverson. 

Syverson suffered a fractured vertebrae and broken ribs. David Tse sustained bumps and bruises. To top off all their injuries, they've also learned that the accused drunk driver has no insurance.

The driver of the pickup, 43-year-old Juanita Wright, is charged with four counts of vehicular assault. She will be arraigned November 15.