Family fights armed burglar and wins



Posted on November 8, 2010 at 11:50 PM

SEATTLE - It was Halloween night when Judy Thompson and her husband, Kirk Jolley, got the scare of their lives.

"He came in through a window in the sunroom upstairs," said Thompson.

Their 29-year-old son, Jens Beeder, came home and noticed something strange at his parent's house.

"I knew they were being robbed, but I didn't know where my parents were," said Beeder. "I was standing on the porch and I heard my stepdad's tailgate open and I saw a silhouette of a man walking back and forth.

Sleeping in their basement bedroom, his mother heard a noise and came out.

"I came out, flipped the light on in the office and this man was standing here smoking a cigarette," said Thompson.

Jolley said his wife's voice woke him up.

"I heard 'What the hell are you doing in my house?'" he said.

As Jolley got out of bed, Beeder looked through a window, saw his mom in trouble, and ran inside.

"You just naturally want to get that guy. You want to take that guy down. There is no way you want to lose that fight because it's your mother," Beeder said.

Thompson called 911 as her husband and son wrestled with the suspect in the laundry room.

"They were wrestling toward the sink there I saw his hand go into his jacket pocket," said Thompson. "And he said 'In the name of Jesus, let me go before someone gets killed.'"

"I slammed him on the ground managed to get the pistol away from him," said Beeder. "And at that point, he got up and ran down the driveway."

When the suspect got to his car, he found he couldn't go anywhere. That's because Beeder had the foresight to block the suspect's car with his own.

After police arrested the suspect, the family found their butcher knives in the upstairs bedroom. Who knows what the suspect had planned.

"I think things happen the way they're suppose to happen. Even for the burglar the jig was up for him," said Jolley.

Police found various stolen property from a number of victims in the suspect's car. Tyler Thomas Price is charged with burglary, unlawful firearm possession and a drug violation.