Prize delivery fumbled to QB contest winner



Posted on December 8, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 8 at 11:44 AM

It was one of the best football games in Husky history. UW taking USC to the doghouse and taking a healthy bite out of the Trojans.

Jesse Jones: were you fired up for the game?

DJ Williamson: totally, jacked up big game for the dogs.

In the third quarter of the contest, Daniel "DJ" Williamson won the chance to throw a football for a $500 gift certificate from AT&T and a netbook computer.

"I had 30 seconds to hit five targets."

One by one DJ hit those targets, and with almost no time left on the clock.

"I ended up hitting the last one with three seconds left i was so pumped and everybody in the crowd was so pumped because the game was so close," DJ recalls. "Yeah, it was a great time something to remember for a long time."

DJ performed as well as the Huskies that day, with a last second win!!!

A month after the celebration, AT&T,  the company behind the contest failed to deliver the winnings to DJ. 

"In to the fourth week I sent them an email being real polite just like is there a problem do you know where my stuff is??"
It seemed like the people with the university of Washington who were dealing with AT&T... Didn't have a clue what was going on.

"He got back to me and said, 'Listen all of the other contestants have received their stuff and honestly I don't know where your stuff is and I'm trying to get a hold of my guy at AT&T.'"

After asking for his winnings for seven weeks, DJ called me.

"I feel like I'm a customer of theirs. I have AT&T service and I feel about this big right now," he said.

And after a quick call to AT&T, they said DJ's package was lost in transit.

Jesse Jones: "What happened as soon as we left?"

DJ Williamson: "About two hours later I get a call from a guy from AT&T who said, 'We're real sorry about the delay, we'll get your stuff tomorrow. Tomorrow you'll have it.'"

AT&T sent the $500 gift certificate which DJ spent on a new iPhone, and the company sent an upgrade to the netbook he originally was supposed to get for the win.

Jesse Jones: "It looks like everything worked out for you?"

DJ Williamson: "It worked out awesome! Better than planned actually."

To their credit AT&T apologized for the delay and stepped up with the goods right away. DJ says his new netbook getting the job done quite nicely.

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