Washington News

BELLEVUE – Twenty-five churches in the Seattle area are raising thousands of dollars for Oso victims.    

The group Churches For Oso has pledged money from their own churches' budgets plus donations from congregation members to Oso victims. The group has launched a fundraising website and produced a video that’s spreading online

"As pastor, this is a big leadership challenge,” said Bellevue Church Presbyterian senior pastor Scott Dudley. How do you comfort those in grief? How do you try to explain it, how do you make sense of it? Where’s God in the middle of this? As well as cast a vision of what could come,” said Bellevue Church Presbyterian senior pastor Scott Dudley.    

Churches for Oso has exceeded its goal of $100,000, raising nearly $109,645. It expects the donations to keep going up with Easter services this Sunday.

All the money will go directly to help Oso victims. The churches are working with 30 churches in the Arlington-area who will help hand out the money.

“We are excited about that because it’s the pastors on the ground there who will be there long after FEMA leaves, organizations leave. They will be there. They know the needs. They can distribute this money in the best way possible,” said Dudley.