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A judge has accepted a $1.2 million settlement to the family of Amina Bowman, who was critically injured after she was shot in a Bremerton classroom two years ago.

Amina Bowman was a third grader at Armin Jahr Elementary when a classmate brought a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun to school. While in a classroom, the gun went off in the boy's backpack, injuring Bowman. The boy told officials he brought the gun to class because he was afraid of bullies.

Bowman was critically injured, but survived after numerous surgeries.

The Bowman family sued the Bremerton School District, claiming the district should have done more to stop campus bullying, and the owner of the gun.  Amina Bowman's attorney said the girl still suffers from anxiety and will need "future" care.

The Bremerton School District would pay $900,000 to the Bowman family. The gun owner would pay $300,000. Judge Leila Mills said the $1.2 million is a "full and final" settlement to the family.

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