Police giving support to family of gravely injured deputy


by KING5.com and Associated Press


Posted on December 23, 2009 at 8:06 AM

Updated Thursday, Dec 24 at 8:12 AM

SEATTLE – It's a waiting game as a Pierce County sheriff's deputy clings to life after being shot multiple times during a domestic violence call Monday night.

Support is pouring in for a Deputy Kent Mundell, a father of two, who is in critical condition and on life support at Harborview Medical Center.

"Very sick, sick deputy and I think everybody has that glimmer of hope and we're all just hoping  that through medicine and spirit and outpouring that he'll get better," said Susan Gregg-Hanson, Harborview spokeswoman.

Mundell's father was seen wheeled out of Harborview Wednesday night. His father arrived from Waco, Texas, and spent several hours last night at his son's bedside in intensive care. Mundell's father did not speak to reporters, but some of his colleagues shared their expressions of deep feeling.

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"That truly we love them, that is the thing that all of our brothers and sisters know in law enforcement that we love them and we love their families," said Mike Franckowiak, Everett Police.

"We want to come up and tell these people that the Everett Police Department loves them and supports them and whatever they need, whenever they  need it we'll be there for them," said Lt. Mike Franckowiak, Everett Police Department.

"The family feels it. And they're fully aware of the support and they appreciate it.  It's a hard time," said Gregg-Hanson.

"What we hate is that these families gotta be here, stuck in a hospital and not looking at their presents under the Christmas tree or admiring their Christmas lights when they go home at night. That's what we hate the most," said Franckowiak.

"It saddens all of us to know that, as time goes on, the worse it is. We'll just have to see what happens, but it's obviously not looking good," said Det. Ed Troyer, Pierce County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

Sgt. Nicholas Hausner, who was also shot Monday, is on his way to a full recovery at Madigan Army Medical Center and may be able to get out of the hospital by Christmas Day. He also is a married father of two.

"It's just a scary, scary world and you just never expect something like this to happen to somebody you know so close," said Michelle Frank, family friend.

The Eatonville community also offered their support as they gathered for a vigil Tuesday night. The soft glow of candlelight symbolized the warm thoughts and prayers for the injured deputies.

"People just want them to know that we love them and we are going to take care of our own," said one participant.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Office says the deputies were shot by David Crable Monday night when they responded to a domestic violence call. Troyer said Crable had agreed to leave his brother's home with the deputies. He then, for whatever reason, decided to open fire at close range on the deputies.

"We believe he fired 10 rounds and he didn't need to do it. He wasn't going to jail. He wasn't under under arrest. They were actually going to give him a ride out of there and give him a helping hand to defuse the situation," said Troyer. "This particular person went ahead and flat tried to execute both of our deputies."

Troyer said Mundell returned fire, hitting and killing Crable.

Home has history of violence

Neighbors say the home has been the scene of fights and gunfire before.

"They were trouble," said James Wormley, who lives in the trailer park down the street from the shooting.

Pierce County deputies have been called out to the home before to break up family fights, according to investigators. Neighbors said they have heard gunshots fired from the property several times since the summer.

"Oh yeah," said Wormley, "Four or five times."

Investigators said several spent shotgun shells have been recovered in the backyard of the home. Detectives from the county and the State Patrol were on scene for most of Wednesday. They were hoping to be wrapped up by Wednesday night.

The shooting is the third in three months in which a gunman has taken aim at law enforcement officials in Western Washington.

On Nov. 29, Lakewood police officers were shot and killed at a coffee shop before their shift. After a two-day manhunt, suspect Maurice Clemmons was shot to death by a Seattle police officer.

On Oct 31, Seattle Officer Timothy Brenton was killed as he sat in his patrol car Halloween night. Christopher Monfort pleaded not guilty to aggravated first-degree murder in Brenton's death, as well as three charges of attempted first-degree murder and arson.

KING 5's Meg Coyle, Jane McCarthy and Drew Mikkelsen contributed to this report.