Spokane breaks record for most snow in November




Posted on November 30, 2010 at 7:09 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 1 at 10:06 AM

SPOKANE -- The National Weather Service reports that Tuesday's snowfall has pushed Spokane past the previous record for most snow ever in the city for the month of November. The previous record was 24.7 inches, set back in 1955.

Final measurement will be at midnight tonight. At present, it is still snowing in Spokane.

The National Weather Service keeps archives dating back more than 100 years.

This month, snow has piled up by the foot in Spokane. It is reminiscent of November 55 years ago when four inches of snow fell in Spokane on the last day of the month.  That November is the snowiest on record and it was also a La Nina winter just like this season has been forecasted.

KREM 2 News met with the National Weather Service to access their archives to find out how the 1955 snow developed, in hopes of catching a glimpse of what we could expect this year. The outlook is snowy.

After November of 1955, December through March ended up with above normal snowfall. December, January, and February of the 1955-1956 winter stacked up like this: Even though each month saw less snow than November, they still measured more than the average 15 inches per month. In all, Spokane received 83 inches of snow that year. 

There is some good news: three of Spokane’s four snowiest Novembers on record saw all that snow melt before Christmas. 

Chief Meteorologist Tom Sherry forecast Spokane’s snowfall would be more than average. That does not mean it will be like the harsh winters of two and three years ago.

In some of the snowiest winters on record, Spokane saw no more than 60 inches of snow.