Skokomish River above flood stage



Posted on November 16, 2009 at 4:29 PM

NEAR SHELTON, Wash. - Flood waters rose above the Skokomish River Valley road late Monday morning, causing closures and stranding dozen of homeowners.

Only four-wheel drive vehicles were able to pass through the flood waters when the river went above flood stage.

"It looks like you can drive through it easy, but it really fools you," said Captain Jerry Ford of the Mason County Fire Department.

Ford spent the day driving the fire department's rescue vehicle into the flooded area.

He pushed one stalled van out of into dry land.

Most homeowners here are used to the flooding, said Captain Ford.

"It does it almost every year," said Dale King, whose backyard stream became a swollen river lapping at his back porch.

Many of the homes are built on raised foundations.

No evacuations were ordered because residents are prepared for the conditions and the flood water is expected to be gone late Tuesday, said Marty Best, Mason County's Emergency Management Director.

Those who live in the valley say if you don't like the occasional flood, you don't live in the Skokomish River Valley.

"A few months out of the year we get high water," said Captain Ford, "But the rest of the year it's beautiful."