Rings found in Oak Harbor sewer returned to owner




Posted on July 15, 2010 at 3:04 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 15 at 11:03 PM

OAK HARBOR, Wash. - Jack Robinson always hoped to find a treasure. He works with the City of Oak Harbor Wastewater division.

"You find a lot of little things, loose change toy cars," says Robinson, shoveling grime left behind after his crew flushed a stormwater drain.

But two weeks ago after flushing a sewer line in the city, something caught Robinson's eye.

"I spotted the ring out of nowhere. And right nearby, another one popped up," he says.

He looked closer, and noticed it was an Oak Harbor High School class of 1993 ring. That was Robinson's class too. 

"It had an engraving on it, C.V. So I looked up everyone with those initials"

He reached out to Cynthia Allen on Facebook. In high school she was Cynthia Vicks.

"He said, 'weird I know, but did you lose two rings?'" Allen said. "I thought 'How amazing!' I immediately replied."

As it turns out, Allen lost the rings a full year ago. Her pet ferrets accidentally knocked her two favorite rings in the toilet, where they were unknowingly flushed. She thought she had lost for them good.

One was a stunning diamond-encrusted aquamarine birthstone belonging to her mother, Harriet Vick. It was the something old, borrowed and blue Cynthia Vick wore when she married Kevin Allen.

A couple months after the rings were lost, their son Odin was born.

"I was too busy to think about the rings, and I could not bring myself to tell my mother," said Allen, 35. "I was heartbroken, but I was convinced I would never get them back. I had to kiss them goodbye."

Now the rings are returned, a little dinged up, but in nearly the same perfect condition.

"I finally told my mom about her ring," Allen said. "She understood. She's just glad that I got it back.

Robinson and Allen barely knew each other in high school, but they're a little closer now.

"Funny thing is, I just found someone else's class ring too," Robinson says. "Maybe I'll try to find them on Facebook, too."

(The Associated Press / Gale Fiege - The Daily Herald contributed to this report.)