Spokane Valley pastor killed in officer involved shooting


by KREM and KING5 News


Posted on August 26, 2010 at 8:05 AM

Updated Thursday, Aug 26 at 12:54 PM

SPOKANE VALLEY -- The Washington State Patrol and Spokane Police Major Crimes Unit are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting that happened late Wednesday night in Spokane Valley.

Officers tell say it happened in the 14,000 block of East Fourth Avenue at the Plant Farm with Country Charm, a local nursery.

Spokane police say a Spokane Valley police officer was responding to a prowling call from the nursery.

Earlier Wednesday, a neighbor made a request for increased patrols in the area, and a Spokane Valley police officer had parked his unmarked car in the parking lot. They say that officer was approached by a man and shots were fired.

Police confirm the man was killed. They identify him as 74 year old Wayne Creach, the owner of the Plant Farm.

"At some point there was a confrontation between (Creach) and the police officer and the officer fired his duty weapon," said Spokane police spokeswoman Jennifer DeRuwe.

Alan Creach, the victim's son, said his father was investigating what he thought was a burglary.

"At 11 o'clock, my father got out of his bed responding to what he thought was a burglar and he took a gun. Challenged that vehicle in his parking lot there in front of the Plant Farm. " said Alan. "Subsequently, a deputy sheriff shot him and killed him. My mother could hear that from the bedroom. She heard a shout and  almost immediately thereafter there were three shots that she heard.'

Creach said his father was a pastor with the Greenacres Baptist Church for 40 years.

Since a Spokane Valley police officer was involved in this shooting, the other agencies are investigating.