Neighborhood bans home daycare



Posted on January 14, 2010 at 6:52 PM

RENTON, Wash. - For 14 years, Marjorie Johnson has run a small daycare business inside of her Renton cul-de-sac.

On January 27, she'll be forced to shut her doors.

"I have really great children and I'm very concerned about where they're going to go," said Johnson.

Running a business in the home is against the rules of the Candlewood Ridge Homeowner's Association and Johnson isn't the only one doing it.

For 23 years, her neighbor Alice Hernandez has also run a daycare.

"I feel like these little ones I have, I have to see them through. I have to finish," said Hernandez.

It seems they all might have been able to continue, had it not been for an ad taken out 2 years ago in the association newsletter by the Lowereys, who also run a daycare.

A board member saw the ad and filed a complaint. The Lowereys took it to court and lost in a summary judgment. They are now being forced to pay more than $100,000 in attorney fees.

The lawyer for the association says the rules are clear.

"Whether or not you agree with daycare, daycares are characteristically not compatible with single family use," said attorney Shellie McGaughey.

Alice Hernandez says if the appeal process fails, she will be closing her daycare and putting her house on the market.

"My point is, I think it's sad when our neighborhood doesn't value the children in our neighborhood," she said.

The group plans to appeal to the association at a meeting on Jan. 26 - a day before they're required to close.