Video game Halo: Reach hits store shelves



Posted on September 14, 2010 at 8:19 AM

Updated Thursday, Sep 16 at 11:22 AM

SEATTLE -- They started standing in line hours before it went on sale.

Avid fans of the Halo game series barely holding in their excitement as they waited for the midnight witching hour when the game Halo Reach would go on sale. By one minute past midnight, the lines were moving and fans were snatching up their copies.

The Halo: Reach game is a prequel to the popular Halo series. The game tells the pre-story of Halo.

"It really focuses on an intimate tale of the Noble team and their heroic struggle to preserve hope for humanity," said Josh Holmes, studio creative director for 343 Industries.

The landscape and design is also state of the art, and are brighter and crisper in this edition.

Bellevue-based company Bungie spent the last three years creating the state of the art game. It includes the latest in technological advances and multi-gamer abilities.

"You and your friends can go online and play each other all over the world and engage in cooperative or competitive experiences," said Holmes.

The release of Halo: Reach is considered Micrsoft's biggest to date. An investment expected to pay off. The Halo series of games has already earned $34 million dollars worldwide.

It has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning huge sales — $2 billion dollars to date - and is expected to go much higher.

"It's expanded into things like novels and comic books and just a whole wealth of experiences that have built and evolved the universe overtime," said Holmes, 343 Industries.

So what do gamers think about it? So far critics are giving it a thumbs up. Out of 100 rating points its averaging 93.

The game is rated "M" for mature. A copy sells for an average $59.99, but can go all the way up to $399.00 for a special bundle that includes an Xbox console.