9/11 exhibit now on display at the Smithsonian




Posted on September 2, 2011 at 10:01 AM

WASHINGTON -- It's September already and this month brings with it the ten year anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks.  Today, the Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. accepted more than fifty objects for a display on 9/11.  

"We all know where we were on Sept. 11th 2001," TSA administrator John Pistole said.
TSA administrator John Pistole's agency didn't even exist ten years ago.
"The thought that came to mind almost immediately after that was, this changes everything," Pistole said.
Now all the things necessary for transportation security are on display.  Along with objects form the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA.  There is even a crushed NY fire truck door, and airplane pieces.
Cedric Yeh is the associate curator of the National Museum of American History and put the exhibit together.
"It wasn't an easy process because we do have quite an extensive collection. We've picked representative pieces that told the stories," Yeh said.
Three stories all together, on the attacks, the first responders, and the recovery effort.
"I wanted to pick objects that when visitors came, it would resonate with them," Yeh said.
Objects like an everyday briefcase. The one displayed at the museum was owned by Lisa Lefler, who survived the attacks but rushed out of her office. The briefcase was found several days later by rescue workers.
Some things in the exhibit will more than resonate with you, they will take you right back to the very moment when everything changed. 
All the objects will be on display for the public through the September 11th anniversary.