Final KING 5 poll shows where initiatives stand



Posted on October 28, 2010 at 7:41 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 28 at 8:31 PM


SEATTLE – The final KING 5 News poll on the initiatives facing Washington state voters next Tuesday shows a clear message. Voters want to repeal old taxes and don't want to start any new ones.

Initiative 1098

You've seen Bill Gates, Sr. campaigning to start a new state income tax on higher earners in order to raise money for education and health care. According to our poll by SurveyUSA, that initiative is falling behind with 56 percent certain to vote no while 34 percent say they'll vote yes. Ten percent are undecided.

Initiative 1107

It appears the American Beverage Association could come out a winner after pouring in more than $16 million to fight new soda and candy taxes. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed say they're voting yes on I-1107 to repeal the taxes recently passed by the Legislature. Thirty-six percent say no and nine percent are undecided.

Initiative 1053, the Tim Eyman-sponsored initiative which would reinstate a rule that the Legislature must pass tax increases by a two-thirds vote, is also ahead in our poll.

Initiative 1100

This is the Costco-backed initiative that would privatize hard liquor sales and remove some restrictions on sales of wine and beer. Forty-eight percent of respondents say they're voting yes while 40 percent are voting no. Twelve percent are undecided.

The other liquor initiative, I-1105, is trailing by double digits.

One caution with all these results: Half the people in our poll still have not voted yet.