Clackamas store carries plus-size yoga wear



Posted on October 10, 2013 at 3:50 PM

CLACKAMAS -- Some makers of workout clothes admit they won't make them for plus size women, but a local business owner says forget that.

Kaitlyn Brown searches the racks at Aries at Clackamas Town Center and admits finding the right look is a challenge.

“Sometimes I feel like a stuffed sausage in things that I wear that are too small for me," she says.

Angela Jacoby has lost 175 pounds but still struggles with the right fit.

"You can find stuff on line but typically you're ordering multiple sizes to see what fits or you’re ordering boy clothes," she says.

The racks at Aries, however, carry plus size fashion from three vendors.

"Honestly, it's challenging to find vendors that have a nice quality selection of plus-size clothing," said Aries owner Diana Marsden. "The manufacturers don’t have a place to sell it so they don't make it"

Marsden wants to provide that place and it all started with a commercial for sports bras.

"I had an idea a couple of years ago to do an advertisement on NBC’s biggest loser and it was just a very short commercial for sports bras," she said. “The response was overwhelming."

Her store carries clothing for petite and average size athletes as well and Marsden strives to keep her plus-size fashions in the same price range. She also offers an incentive to her customers who work out. When they drop a size, they can bring in their old workout clothes and get a discount.

Kaitlyn and Angela are both new customers and just what the owner of Aries had in mind.