Sasquatch hunter looking for Bigfoot in the Stanislaus National Forest

A Sasquatch researcher is investigating multiple sightings in the Stanislaus National Forest

The hunt for Bigfoot is on.

A Sasquatch researcher is investigating multiple sightings in the Stanislaus National Forest. Rumors of the mythical animal surround the tourist town of Jamestown. The most recent sighting was near Cherry Lake, an hour’s drive from the small town.

"There has been sightings in every state except Hawaii." said Jerry Hein, a Sasquatch researcher.

He has been chasing the elusive animal since the mid-1970's.

"I have multiple footprint castings from Washington, Oregon and California." Hein said.

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization is one of the leading Sasquatch data bases. A high concentration of sightings have been reported in the Sierra mountain range. Hein built a high tech Bigfoot tracking van in hopes to capture video of the animal.

"My van has 4 cameras on each corner," he said. "There are extra batteries so the cameras and other equipment can run for 7 days."

Hein's van is also equipped with loud speakers that play a series of "Sasquatch noises".

Hein's last Bigfoot sighting was in 1976 near angels camp.

"I spotted him with an old flashlight. It had eyes the size of silver dollars." Hein said.

Hein didn't get a picture of Bigfoot but that experience kept him on the road searching for the animal for over 40 years. 

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