Deputy made 'insensitive' comments to girl, sheriff's office says

Deputy condones violent 'discipline'

TIGARD, Ore. -- A Washington County sheriff’s deputy was caught on video telling a family that if his son behaved the way their daughter did, he’d “pretty much beat the hell out of him.”

Deputy Brian Klostreich eventually arrested the 14-year-old girl after responding to a domestic dispute at their Tigard apartment complex. But before he did, witnesses said he launched into a loud, profanity-laced and threatening tirade against the girl.

“He said that if she were his daughter, she’d slap her across the face too,” said Lori Hall, who lives downstairs. Her husband started recording the conversation after he said he heard the deputy screaming.

“It seemed to me the officer was out of control,” said Hall.

Deputy Klostreich was also recorded telling the girl, “You could be in the Middle East.” He then told her, “These Muslim women out there, they’re property, that’s all they are. And if they misbehave like this to their parents, they beat them.”

He also told her that women should stay home with their children.

But the Halls said the main reason they shot the video was because they believe the teenager was given veiled threats by the deputy.

“The thing that made me most upset was when he said 'if you’re cool with me, I’ll treat you humanely,'” said Lori Hall.

“It seemed to me that things were getting out of hand and that the officer wasn’t calming things down, they were getting worse,” said Darren Hall.

Sergeant Bob Ray of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said that Deputy Klostreich was trying to de-escalate the situation, and that at times his words were poorly chosen. Ray would not comment on whether the incident was being investigated internally, or whether Klostreich would face any disciplinary action.

The sheriff's office released the following statement about the incident:

As the deputy spoke to the girl, he made inappropriate comparisons to women of other beliefs and cultures as a way to illustrate to the young woman her situation was not as bad as she thought.

While we believe the deputy was acting in good faith, there is no question that his remarks were insensitive and inappropriate. We hope to turn this incident into a learning opportunity for the rest of staff.



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