Video shows PBOT truck driver nearly crashing into bicyclist

Video shows vehicle nearly hitting cyclist

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland bicyclist caught a close call on camera this week. A Portland Bureau of Transportation truck driver made a right turn in front of a bicyclist who stopped just in time to avoid a crash.

You can clearly see driver signal before making the maneuver in front of the bicyclist.

Scott Watson took the video and posted it on Facebook. He says he still gets upset when he watches it.

“Anger, frustration, irritation and not surprised,” he said.

Watson says he mounted a camera on his bike after a friend was hospitalized by a distracted driver. He hopes the video serves a message to drivers.

“Be aware that you are not the only ones there, there are others on the road and some of them are vulnerable,” he said.

He hopes it serves as a warning to his fellow riders.

PBOT released a statement about the incident. Spokesman Dylan Rivera said the bureau reviewed the video and determined the vehicle was owned by the city and driven by a PBOT maintenance employee.

"We have spoken with the driver, and she was very upset to see the video and how close of a call this was. She had passed two people riding bicycles and properly signaled a right turn. But she did not realize how quickly they were able to catch up to her vehicle. As with all city employees, she took a defensive driving class before being allowed to drive a city vehicle. And like all PBOT maintenance staff, she took a safety seminar as part of her orientation," said Rivera.

"We are glad no one was injured in this close call. We are reminding our truck operators to be cautious and look for people traveling on bicycles and by foot. This is a good reminder for everyone that people driving trucks have limited visibility, rely on their mirrors and work around large blind spots. If you can’t see the driver in a truck’s side mirror, then the truck driver probably cannot see you."



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