Turkey serves as emotional support animal for Spokane woman

When you hear the term "emotional support animal," you likely think of a dog. 

But Sammi is no dog, she's an emotional support turkey.

Sammi lives with Mary Pearce, a Spokane woman who suffers from Lupus. She is often in a lot of pain and struggles with depression, but Sammi helps with that.

"She keeps me going," Pearce said, "She gets me up every morning at 5:00am. Having a turkey around just keeps things interesting in life..."

While Sammi can't cuddle or sit on your lap, she can offer companionship. She loves bread, enjoys a good bath and talks a lot. Pearce can't imagine life without her gobbling guardian angel. 

"I've never thought about having a turkey as a pet. But now that I have her, I don't ever want to give her up."

Pearce is working on getting Sammi registered therapy animal by the end of the year. Federal law states any kind of animal can be an emotional support animal, as long as there is a prescription from a doctor. 

Once Sammi is certified, she will be able to go everywhere with Pearce, even on an airplane!






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