Transit advocates troll The Seattle Times over Sound Transit 3

SEATTLE -- A transit advocacy group which supports the upcoming $54 billion Sound Transit 3 project, which will go before voters in November,  is taking a less-than-veiled shot at The Seattle Times editorial board. It's basically telling people they can afford to pay for ST3 by canceling their Times subscription.

The Times editorial board on Friday wrote a piece highlighting the city of Newcastle's concerns that its residents "would pay an estimated $37,500 for Sound Transit over the next 25 years and receive minimal benefits, according to the City Council." The council passed a resolution urging residents to reject the measure. The editorial called the city's perspective "refreshing."

While the editorial board has not formally said where it lands on the ST3 issue, they have posted a number of editorials that lean against it. This one in July called for Sound Transit to hold off putting the measure on the ballot in order to consider a smaller plan.

Seattle Subway responded Monday, tweeting out this image showing the difference between the annual cost per person for a Seattle Times subscription -- $164 -- and the annual cost per person for ST3 Light Rail -- $169. 

"Only one will make your life easier in the future," Seattle Subway said.

It also included a phone number people can call to unsubscribe to the Times.

"Apparently, @seattletimes thinks The Seattle Times is unaffordable #ST3," the tweet said.

But looking at The Times' subscription website, that number seems to be low. A digital only subscription is $3.99 per week or $207.50 per year. A daily newspaper delivery with digital subscription is $8.70 per week or $452.40 per year.

The $169 figure for ST3 comes straight from the Sound Transit 3 overview page. It's listed at the very bottom.

Newcastle City Council resolution against Sound Transit 3

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