Spokane makes list of least attractive locals

Readers said while they appreciate the breath taking scenery our city has to offer, the people aren't as eye-catching. KREM 2's Alexa Block has the story

SPOKANE, Wash. –SPOKANE, Wash. – A recently released list by Travel and Leisure says the people of Spokane are not attractive.

On the list of the top nine least attractive cities, Spokane came in at number three.

The website wrote, “Readers don’t consider the locals all that eye-catching, preferring instead to take in the impressive views of Spokane Falls, a series of waterfalls that thunder through the city while staying at quirky hotels like the crowd-funded Kirtland K. Cutter House.”

While the city might be considered unattractive by some standards, others are questioning the rating.

“Beauty I think comes from within,” said Northwest Beauty Manager, Carla Bennett. “It is not how we see ourselves in the mirror, it is how we feel about ourselves,” she added.

Rick  O’ Connor, a photographer in Spokane, also did not believe the rating was accurate.

“We all know that is not true. There is so many beautiful things about our city,” O’Connor said.

Travel and Leisure readers are most likely visitors to Spokane, not residents. Perhaps, if the readers lived in Spokane, they would feel differently when they ranked the city.

Readers of the magazine did say, they were impressed by the view of Spokane Falls. However, the readers were under whelmed by how the people in the city looked.

“Beauty is what is out in nature, and beauty is people and more what is inside people than the outside,” said Gail Garcelon, a Spokane visitor.

The consensus? Maybe attractiveness cannot be determined by a survey in a magazine. Maybe beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. 

Baltimore, Maryland came in at number one and Sacramento, California at number two.

To see the full list, click here.



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