Viewer's generosity gives 6-year-old gift of clear sight

News 8's Sonia Azad has more.

Like many children, Jordan Mayo is fascinated by technology. Her nose nudges the iPad because even with glasses, the 6-year-old can barely see.

Jordan was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia. Her grandmother, Margarita Ocampo, tried to raise money through a crowdfunding website to buy high-tech magnifiers. The eSight glasses cost $15,000.

So, Ocampo reached out to us. We featured their story on News 8 Tuesday.

“Only one person had donated $25,” before the story, Ocampo said.

After it aired, donations began picking up through the donation site. Doctors also called offering Jordan eye exams. A spokesperson for one company out of Richardson  said they were “moved" by the story, and even offered her a “similar optic device free of charge.”

“I’m just forever grateful for everybody that started to donate,” Ocampo said.

But well before the donations hit the goal, an email from a viewer blew us all away.

“I’m not a rich person, but if this was my granddaughter, I would spend every last dime trying to help her,” the  viewer wrote.

Then, a check followed.

“It was so fast,” Ocampo said. “I was like, 'What? For real? Somebody's donating all of it?' I was just surprised. Amazed. Thank you Lord!”

Fifteen-thousand dollars. A generous couple handed the check directly to Jordan, but wished to remain anonymous. They wanted her to have the exact glasses that she wanted.

“It was a blessing,” said a stunned Ocampo. “I don't know how to explain it, but it's... No words. No 'thank you' can... I'm just speechless, you know?”

For a little girl captivated by electronics, the check is a little, old-fashioned paper that will make the biggest difference.

“The Lord's going to bless them a hundred times," a teary Ocampo said. "That's how I see it."

But if you'd still like to give the gift of clear eyesight to another child, the donation site will remain open. Any additional donations will go toward financing of eSight glasses for another child.

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