Organization donates money to Victory Middle School lunch fund

The reserve fund helps students with their lunch accounts.

Victory Middle School's lunch fund will be seeing a $300 boost following an incident where a 6th grader got his lunch taken away because he didn't have any money in his account.

"I don't think that anybody goes into this business to see kids be hungry, especially when we want them to learn and focus on that," said Janae Vorhes, treasurer of the Victory Middle School Parent Teacher Organization.

"Without food they cannot learn," said Jean Dean, West Ada School District's nutrition supervisor. "That's why our philosophy is every child eats every day."

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Officials say when the new school opened its doors this year, the phone system that alerts parents when their child's balance is in the red - wasn't working.

"It was kind of a perfect storm of things not working correctly right at first," said Vorhes. "The lunch wouldn't actually be thrown away or taken from the kids right there. It might be set aside and they can call home and say hey, can you put money on the account and then immediately that money is available."

At secondary school schools, students are able to charge meals to their account even after they reach a zero balance.

"After they've gone past those three charges it's going to principal's account and he pays for it," said Vorhes.

That's where the $300 - donated by the Victory Middle School board of parents and teachers - will go.

"We have principals who put in lots and lots of money into this account and then we work to get the funding back from the parents to pay for that," said Dean. "They understand the need that our children eat every day."

For 22 percent of the children in the West Ada School District, that need is harder to meet.

"If they're having difficulties we try to get a free and reduced application on them and go from there," said Dean.

"This office always has food for kids who are hungry for any reason anytime the office has those supplies," said Vorhes.

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