Nearly 20 geese killed in Meridian by illegal hunting

It happened just yards away from homes.

Throughout the day the sound of hundreds of Greater Canadian Geese echoes through a subdivision in Meridian. On Monday, however, an uncommon sound rang through the neighborhood - gunshots.

"When the guys went by I just had a funny feeling," said Drew Wahlin, the President of the Idaho Chukar Foundation and witness to the shooting.

What happened next left Walhin and his wife speechless.

"It all happened so quickly when it was going on and I was taken back a little bit," said Wahlin.

Wahlin said he and his wife were about to snowshoe with their dog when two men in a pickup truck pulled over on the side of the road, got out, and shot at the nearly 500 geese.

Wahlin says several died and he had to personally put down eight geese that were badly injured.

"They just zoomed out of here," said Wahlin. "They went out and picked up eight or ten geese and threw them in the back of the truck and they took off."

Then, Wahlin called 911 and a nearby construction worker took a picture of the truck and license plate as it sped by.

Meridian Police say they caught up with the culprits. Wayne Andrew Campbell, 57, of Kuna and Mark Allen Edwards, 48, of Star were both cited for shooting a firearm in city limits. 

Fish and Game also cited Campbell and Edwards for wasting four Canada geese and taking four geese over the limit. 

"They're shooting large shotguns in our communities and this is in the city limits," said Wahlin. "There's children and there's people out here, so that's number one."

He says in this case, coming together as a community was key.

"It was a collective effort of a multitude of people," said Wahlin.

He says the actions of the two hunters gives responsible sportsmen, like himself, a bad name.

"We value wildlife," Wahlin said. "We look at it like a privilege to hunt and fish not as a right."

That privilege he says, was taken advantage of leaving him scarred.

"Sorrow, disappointment, and sadness," said Wahlin. "I just wish they would've not made that decision."

According to Meridian city code, no one is allowed to shoot a firearm on public or private property within the city.

There are a few exceptions, however. This code does not apply to police performing his or her duties or to a person acting in self defense, for example.

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