Latest updates: Oregon occupation trial in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. – Seven of the armed protesters who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Oregon earlier this year are standing trial in Portland.

The defendants include brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the leaders of the occupation whose father, Cliven Bundy, led another armed standoff in Nevada in 2014. The Bundy brothers face federal charges for both the Oregon and Nevada occupations.  

The Oregon occupation centers around felony charges of conspiracy, with federal prosecutors are arguing all of the defendants kept federal employees from doing their jobs during the occupation. Some also face felony charges of theft of government property and possession of firearms at a federal facility.

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Jury selection began Sept. 7 and opening statements started Sept. 13. This is a log of updates from the trial.

Sept. 23: Threat of contempt. Judge Anna Brown threatened to hold Ammon Bundy's lawyer in contempt of court if he continues to bring up the death of protester Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.

Sept. 21: Driver was government informant. An Oregon State Police trooper testified a government informant was driving Ammon Bundy when the Oregon standoff leader was arrested on his way to a community meeting.

Sept. 19: Office trashed. A fish biologist testified that occupiers left her office at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge "completely trashed."

Sept. 16: Motion for mistrial. Ammon Bundy's lawyers filed a motion for mistrial, citing testimony from Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward, according to an Oregonian report. Ward was reportedly asked if he knew about the 2014 standoff led by Cliven Bundy, Ammon and Ryan's father. He referenced a story he saw about two people associated with that standoff who shot two police officers in an unrelated incident. 

Bundy's lawyers claimed the judge should have immediately struck the comment from record. 

The judge denied the motion.

Sept. 15: Bundy dresses down. In a statement read by one of his attorneys, Bundy said he wants to drop the facade he is presumed innocent, and wear jail scrubs to dress like the political prisoner he is.

Sept. 14: The first witness testified. Harney County Sheriff David Ward said the occupiers warned him that his county would be "invaded by armed citizens if he didn't protect his constituents from the federal government.  

Sept. 13: Opening statements began. A handful of protesters showed up Tuesday outside the federal courthouse in downtown Portland, waving upside-down American Flags. They said they planned to march around the courthouse during the trial's lunch breaks.

Sept. 12: The judge ruled that Facebook posts made by the defendants could be used as evidence against them. %INLINE%

Sept. 7: Jury selection began. Prosecutors and defense attorneys chose twelve jurors and eight alternates from a pool of more than 250 Oregonians.

The jury includes eight women and four men from throughout Oregon.


The Associated Press contributed to this report. 



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