Lacey mom receives hateful, harassing phone calls

A Lacey woman's dealt with discrimination before, but says the phone message she received last week was frightening.

LACEY, Wash. – A Lacey mom says she received two disturbing calls last week.

"I think it is because of my last name – Islam," said Morshida Islam.

She says two men called her cell phone on Tuesday. She says the Unknown caller ID popped up on her phone with a voice message.

It said, "Hello Morshida, This is John C. ---- calling on behalf of the Donald Trump Association. I was just calling to see if I could get your support. And so we can get all the foreigners out of the country".

The message went on for a total of 45 seconds, using offensive language. Morshida says she heard the same two voices call back a second time, and she hung up.

State Senator Don Benton with the Trump campaign team said over the phone, “we are certainly sorry that this kind of thing happens and some folks find this is funny or acceptable. We certainly don't believe it is either funny or acceptable. It is to be condemned."

Morshida says, “I have been an American citizen for a long time. I am just like every other person here. Just because my religion or color or because I am a foreigner, they are threatening me.”

She plans to report the harassing calls to police.

A spokesperson for Lacey Police Department says he is not aware of any other reports of that kind of harassment in the area.

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