KCSO warns against phone scams in Idaho

KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho --- The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn people in Idaho about a phone scam going around.

Victims receive a call from (223)-921-3741 from a person claiming they are the victim’s grandson or granddaughter. The scammer tells the victim they have been involved in a car crash in or near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The scammer gives the victim a fake case number and says a lawyer will get in contact with them. Victims then get a call from a person from “Wayne Spencer”, who claims to be a lawyer. The man claims he is with Legal Aid Salt Lake City.

The scammer will ask for money so the victim’s grandson or granddaughter can be released from the Salt Lake City Court House.

To help stop you from becoming a victim of this scam, try to verify the caller’s information.

If a caller claims to be your grandson or granddaughter, call your grandchild or other relatives to see if this information is true.

Call the agency or jurisdiction where your grandchild says they are in custody to verify that your grandchild is actually there.

You can also look up the caller’s phone number online to verify the person who is calling you.

Fake IRS callers is another scam going around. The caller claims the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you, or says they are issuing a warrant for your arrest. Other people have gotten scammers where they claim to be the IRS and needs personal information from you.

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people, the IRS will not initially call you. If there is an issue with your taxes, they will send you a letter first.

For more information on phone scams and identify theft, you can go to the Federal Trade Commission website.



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